Appraiser and Lender Information – 901 10th Ave SW, Calgary AB T2R 0B5

Legal Info: Strata Lot 42, Block 65 | Building Permit #BP2013 03326 | Registered Condo Plan Number 161 0980


Contact for site appraisals, Purchase Schedules, specifications and other appraisal material can be accessed below. Please note that we can not provide copies or details of the Purchase and Sales Agreement for privacy reasons. For copies of the Purchase and Sale agreement including Purchase Price and upgrade costs( if applicable), please contact the Purchaser or Lender directly.

Scheduling On Site Appraisals:

  • Kindly note that the representative meeting with you will not have unit details or specifications available onsite, as they are only only there to provide access to the units.
  • Given that it is an active construction site, with requirements for 274 appraisals, appraisal appointments must occur during weekdays and do require at least 24hrs notice – availability may vary. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • All units are complete and Occupancy Permit has been granted: Mark Occupancy Permit City of Calgary
  • Please note that we do not amend the Purchase Price to include GST, as Addendum A (31.7 Goods and Services Tax) includes this information
  • On-site appraisals can be scheduled by calling Jennifer at 403.992.7060 or


The purchase agreement expressly states that the Purchase Price is exclusive of GST. The Purchase Agreement, Addendum A (31.7 Goods and Services Tax), also espressly states that GST is payable at closing. As such, we do not ammend the contract to include GST. Purchase Price (page 1 of purchase agreement) X %5 = GST owing.

*see below for GST rebate info

GST Rebate


Statement of Adjustments:

Statement of Adjustments are provided by our lawyer to the buyer’s lawyer in the week or days before their closing date (once it is determined, and not earlier). The statement of adjustments includes property tax adjustments and balance owing.

Lender/Appraiser Tools and Documents (links below)

MARK Condominium Documents (includes schedules, proposed budget, condo fees, warranty coverage, bylaws)

Mark Floorplans and Features (suite specifications, building specifications, unit layouts)

GST Rebate


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